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Moonburst Bespoke Website Design - About Us / Costs

We are a small website design studio based in Richmond and founded by designer Andrew Russell. We've been building websites for local businesses for over 20 years. Together with years of experience in website hosting, using the latest technology, we offer a complete service, from concept to publication.

We also give you something that's often lacking in this impersonal, automated age - the human touch, free from all the unnecessary technobabble.

We use the latest hardware & software and incorporate the latest technology to create aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly websites made to our clients' specifications.

All websites are tested on all major operating systems e.g. Windows, Mac OS, Unix and leading mobile devices.


Hosting/Maintenance Costs

Simple plans, no fuss, no hidden charges.

Our simple hosting/maintenance packages start at £150 paid annually or £84.00 paid biannually.

What's included..

  • Fast CloudLinux Servers. TLS/SSL digital certificates for secure end-to-end encryption on all websites.
  • Bandwith and quota monitoring - if it looks like you're reaching your limits, we'll let you know, no unexpected extra costs.
  • Low Cost Quick edits - email us the text changes and they're usually completed within 24hrs*.
  • Hosting plans created individually, to suit your needs - so you never pay for more than you need, ever.
  • Personal & professional service, always.

*Some edits may take longer and may incur extra charges, but this will be agreed prior to any work being carried out.

We are proud of the personal, friendly and professional service we offer to all our clients.

Please call Andy to arrange an appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Open: 9.00am to 5.00pm
(by appointment only)

Call 07711 679 241